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Delivery & Pickup

Shipping & In-Store Pick-Up

Sutpen’s Hundred does not ship any product – firearms or otherwise – unless special arrangements are made. Every transaction for our business is assumed to be in-store and face-to-face. We reserve the right not to serve anyone.

If you would like all or part of an order shipped, please email us at [email protected]. Additional charges apply. Depending on the item, especially and ammo and serialized firearms, parts, and NFA items, state and federal laws apply and can constrain or prohibit shipping.

Sutpen’s Hundred complies with all federal and state laws that apply to its operation.

Payment Methods

Sutpen’s Hundred seeks to lower the cost of participating in the shooting, self-defense, and preparedness hobbies/industries by preferring payment methods that are zero-fee or low-fee.

As such, we loathe credit card payments. Customers who insist on paying with a credit card will have their costs increased in direct relation to the fees associated with that payment method.

Sutpen’s Hundred’s preferred zero-fee payment methods are cash, personal check, and cashier’s checks. Electronic payments that are zero-fee and comply with all necessary regulations can be directed to us using the email address info@sutpenshundred.

Background Checks, Privacy, Etc.

With exceptions below, all Sutpen’s Hundred firearm, NFA item, and serialized part sales are to AZ residents. For every transaction, Sutpen’s Hundred and all FFL dealers require the buyer to fill out ATF Form 4473; all dealers are similarly obligated to archive those forms basically forever. Additionally, as a separate task, all dealers must then run the transferee’s (the person acquiring the item) personal information into the FBI database, and must be given authorization to proceed. Firearm specifics, like make/model/serial number are not part of that submission. That information is by law archived by Sutpen’s Hundred and is available per regulation to the ATF for audit 24/7/365. Sutpen’s Hundred is an advocate for 2A rights and personal privacy, but also abides by all laws that apply to our business. The only kinds of firearm, NFA item, and serialized part transactions that do not require background checks are:

  • FFL Transfers: A buyer pays Sutpen’s Hundred for a firearm, but wants to pick it up from another dealer (usually out of state). In this case, Sutpen’s Hundred ships the firearm to the dealer of the customer’s choice and that dealer performs the background check.
  • Customers with valid AZ Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permits: These individuals have obtained these permits from local Law Enforcement as per AZ State Law, and as such have already had their backgrounds checked. Sutpen’s Hundred keeps the details of the transaction for ATF audit at any time, but does not transmit details of the transaction or notice of the transaction to any entity. Sutpen’s Hundred encourages all customers to obtain there CCW and training for any firearm they wish to posses.
  • NOTE: It is permissible for Person X to pay for a firearm that will be possessed by Person Y, but all the forms and background checks must be in the name of Person Y becuase they are the one ultimately ending up with the firearm. Sutpen’s Hundred cannot and will not sell a firearm to someone who intends to immediately resell or give to another individual. If you would like to give someone the gift of a firearm, contact us at [email protected] and we can walk you through how to appropriately do that.

Unless the buyer is a resident of certain states like CA or IL, customers can assume that purchases that are not firearms, serialized firearm parts, or NFA items are generally not considered regulated goods, and therefore can broadly be assumed to be treated the same as buying a snickers bar from a gas station. (E.g., no background checks or paperwork is required to buy an optic magazine for a firearm.)