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  • MSRP: $2680
  • Optic & Suppressor not included
  • Telestock
  • SBR
  • 3-Lug Suppressor Ready – CGS Mod9 SK recommended!
  • Barrel construction – The barrel is a cold hammer forged barrel that produces outstanding accuracy. When the first series of weapons were tested for accuracy, all weapons from the series were able to produce groups within 50mm at 30 meters with match grade 9mm ammo.
  • European Safety system – The trigger system is the “European” trigger system in which the weapon can be placed on safe with the hammer forward and during the manipulation process. This is much safer than the classic AR system which the safety cannot be engaged unless the hammer is rearward. On safe, all the time is always a good policy.
  • The trigger system – is a two-stage system that as opposed to the more common single stage system.
  • The recoil is greatly reduced because of the unique hydraulic buffer system. This system will reduce the felt recoil big time. This hydraulic buffer system is pioneered by B&T on SMG or PCC platforms.
  • The SPC9 is produced only in the semi-automatic version. Select-fire version is not available.